Project Description

What is Your Company’s Differential Value Proposition?

The Luminas Customer Value Xcelerator® (CVX) will enable you to get to the core of what matters to your customers and provide validated, fact-based answers to the most critical questions:

What do you do now that creates value for your customers’ business?

How is the value you bring different from what your competitors deliver?

What can you start doing that will create more value for your customers in the future?

CVX goes beyond the traditional surface-level features and benefits’ understanding of your offerings and takes a thorough “outside in,” customer-centered approach to deliver quantifiable insights and knowledge about the value your business creates for your customers versus their next best alternative.

Through CVX, the experts at Luminas will help you discover how to win with your customers by

  • Understanding and measuring your internal perspective of customer value
  • Validating your estimate of customer value by assessing your customer’s experience and business impact
  • Improving and creating opportunities for mutual growth and profit
  • Establishing scalable capabilities throughout your organization

If you want to know if your customers are making more money doing business with you and how your company can realize its fair share of that value and experience profitable organic growth, contact Luminas to begin the Customer Value Xcelerator®.

Get started by assessing your company’s customer centricity fitness using the Luminas Growth Xcelerator Gauge.

“As part of a broader company-wide effort to boost our organic growth performance, reinforcing our efforts and attention on our most strategic and promising accounts became a high priority. Working with Luminas has allowed us to enhance our customer & competitive insights, selectively broaden our customer engagement and sharpen our Strategic Account plans. Their input and counsel was instrumental to our progress.”
Lucrèce Foufopoulos, Vice President / General Manager, Tire Additives at Eastman