B2B customer centricity authority proclaims that you can confidently plan for 2021 and know the answer to the question: “Do your customers make more money doing business with you?”

Research Triangle Park, N.C., October 22, 2020  – The customer value experts at Luminas advise that now is the time for businesses to plan how they will generate organic growth in 2021 and beyond. Currently, countless organizations are asking themselves how to restart growth and accelerate performance in the wake of the unexpected disruption and uncertainty caused by COVID-19. Luminas believes the only way to do so and know the answer to the crucial question is to gain new customer insights and competitive intelligence — taking an “outside-in” approach.

Drawing on their experience working side-by-side with worldwide industry leaders like Cisco, Eastman and Borealis as well as global mid-market companies such as Milliken & Company and Buckman International, Luminas advises that the key to achieving organic growth is knowing the differential value that your business delivers to its customers.

“Placing your customer’s business at the center of your business will revolutionize relationships and results,” says D. Keith Pigues, co-author of Winning with Customers and CEO &Founder of Luminas. “Taking the time to validate the ways that you’re currently delivering customer value and understanding what you can start doing that will distinguish your company from its competition is a game changer. Your customer relationships will transform from transactional to true partnerships and result in future opportunities for profitable, mutual growth. So, everyone wins!”

Utilizing its proprietary Customer Value Xcelerator®(CVX), Luminas helps business leaders engage with their customers and discover how to overcome their biggest hurdles to strategic organic growth, identify new opportunities for profitability and develop the internal capabilities to maintain a differential value advantage in the marketplace.

Informed by customer collaboration throughout the CVX process, clients gain confidence to act and make impactful decisions by getting answers to key questions like,

What markets and customers represent the best opportunities?

What new products or services should we launch, and how do we prioritize these investments?

Are our products priced right and how can we guarantee the next price increase?

Are we effectively communicating to our different customers and targets?

Can our sales team engage the right decisions-makers, to sell more?

To learn more about how to ReStart Growth or to know with certainty that your customers make more money doing business with you visit ReStartGrowth.com .


 About Luminas

Luminas believes that a company’s value proposition is its most valuable currency. Located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina,  North America’s hub for innovation, Luminas delivers the methodologies, resources and counsel that organizations need to cultivate mutually valuable business relationships. For more information, visit www.luminasstrategy.com

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